Our Mission


The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Asidi APC is a firm with proficiency in all facets of law in the State of California and Federal Law in the United States. 

We operate on the basic theory that the expertise of a law firm is made up of the collective capability, knowledge and proficiency of its individual attorneys and thus a law firm should not be constrained by geographical boundaries or the personal primary area of specialization of the individuals that make up the entity.

The firm prides itself in its ability to provide outstanding, personalized client service and sound legal analysis through quality and timely representation, it is therefore strategically placed to offer top quality legal services to our clients.

We appreciate and understand that recent changes in the legal profession requires the use of modern technology. The firm has made a substantial financial commitment to installation of state-of-the-art computer equipment, both hardware and software, so it can communicate with clients and counsel electronically, generate necessary legal documents quickly, and organize files efficiently. This use of modern technology is particularly important in mass tort cases involving multiple plaintiffs with different backgrounds and claimed injuries, and commercial cases that require the review and evaluation of numerous business records.

Our primary and most compelling duty is to present and advocate the position of the client before the court, jury, or administrative body in a manner consistent with the bounds of the adversary process and professional ethics. We direct our efforts toward achieving favorable judgments or reasonable settlements by preparing each case according to the client's instructions and cost analyses. We understand that the client is the principal, and that our primary duty is to provide accurate, ethical and professional advice so a client can make reasoned decisions about the ultimate resolution of the case. We also recognize our duty to the community at large to develop legal precedent consistent with the higher standards and principles.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Asidi is committed to excellence in the representation of our clients in the judicial and administrative systems. This commitment requires retention of experienced lawyers and the hiring and training the legal community's most qualified young attorneys. The firm recognizes its duty to provide quality legal representation at a reasonable cost to each and every one of its clients.